Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Less than 2.5 days

For 2 weeks now, my wife has been battling a terrible case of nausea.  For about 10 days now, my son Eli has been battling a terrible case of nausea.  Yesterday my son Abe had nausea and threw up.  Today, I felt nauseated.  NOT NOW!  I have less than 60 hours until the race and I can't afford to be sick.  This is not the time!  NO!  I'm not sure how I'm going to battle this but I am not going to allow all of my training go by the wayside because 2 days prior to the race I get sick.  Screw that!  If I have to run the marathon with a bottle of pepto in one hand and peppermint candy in the other, I will. 

I have rested for the last 2 days.  I plan on heading out to the street tomorrow morning for about 2 miles just to stay loose.  I've been going through all of my mobility exercises with my hips and ankles.  I've been loading up on ibuprofen and have been icing my knees every night.  Tomorrow I am loading up on my food because the optimal time to load up is 48 hours prior, not the night before which is what is routinely accepted.  I'm getting very excited about this and am hoping that my knees allow me to complete the whole thing. 

For you CrossFit lovers in the area, there are some big things happening to the Louisville Crossfit scene.  The gentlemen down at Derby City CrossFit are moving out of thier downtown location and moving to the St. Matthews area.  I've noticed they seem to be moving away from the total CrossFit concept and moving towards a powerlifting gym.  Kind of like Louisville's version of Westside Barbell.  Moving into DCCF's site downtown will be a new CrossFit affiliate called CrossFit The Ville.  It's run by a fellow named Jacob and I spoke to him on the phone today.  He's got some really great ideas and sounds like he has a lot of similar ideas and thoughts as I do.  What's going to be a little unique about this is that he is partnering with CrossFit Louisville East.  Jacob and Daniel are going to allow their members to workout at either facility.  Nice idea and I think it will do wonders for the CrossFit scene in Louisville.  I think it'll help establish Louisville as a hot hub for CrossFit.  At least that's what I hope. 

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