Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Theft, injuries, and races

It feels like forever since I have written in my blog.  For those that follow this, I'm sorry, I missed you too.  For those that are stumbling on this for the first time, I give you a big hearty WELCOME!

About a month ago I got my computer stolen.  My house was broken into and the bastard thieves stole my computer, the kids Wii, and my wife's jewelry.  Violation and anger were the feelings I had for a few days.  So I had to wait for the insurance to send me the insurance money to get a new computer.  I couldn't get on this site at my work because the fascist pigs there seem to think they are paying me to do a job and not post silly blogs about me thinking I am still that 18 year old athlete I once thought I was.  Long story short, I now have a computer.  Got myself a shiny new Mac.  I still don't know how to use it but I figured out how to get on Safari (Internet Explorer for you PC peeps) and post a quick update to this.

Over the last few weeks I have been battling a slew of nicks and pains.  My right shoulder and biceps tendon have been bothering me off and on for about 1.5 years.  I got a shot in my bursa hoping that would make it feel better but it didn't.  Thanks Doc.  I'm still not positive how the problem occurred but I'm pretty sure it's from my lack of mobility in my t-spine while performing pullups and overhead presses.  See kids, that is why it is extremely important to ensure you look at your total functional capacity, including mobility and stability while training.  My lack of mobility in my t-spine caused my shoulders to take a brunt of the forces from that and they weren't prepared to do so.  So, they got injured.  No I spend about 20 minutes on the foam roller and other various mobility exercises found on www.mobilitywod.com.  Another thing bothering me lately is my left leg.  Obviously you already know a bit about the knee but my hip is causing great discomfort whenever I squat or jump.  Odd.

Anyway, enough about my theft and little pains.  I just wanted to get something out there to keep you interested and know that I didn't forget you.  Tomorrow I'm going to talk about the Warrior Dash in Chicago I did last weekend.  I also talk about some other upcoming events going on.  Stay tuned!

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