Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Getting ready for the Triple Crown

Yes, yes, I know.  It's only December and the first leg of the Triple Crown in Louisville isn't until the first weekend of March.  I know this.  But the Triple Crown is a 5k, 10k, and a 10 miler.  They are all separated by 2 weeks only.  If you have ever run this event, you know that when the 5k comes around, you need to be able to do the 10k.  And when the 10k comes around, you better be able to do the 10 miler.  2 weeks in between events isn't that long of a time in between to ramp up for the next race.  I haven't been doing much cardio in the past 6 weeks due to my shoulder surgery.  30 minutes on an elliptical 3 times per week doesn't really cut it.  So now is the time to get things started.  

I was given clearance by my surgeon last Friday to start running, lightly, again.  THANKS DR. SALAMON!!!  He gave me this clearance with much hesitation but he knows I'm a beast and can take it (kidding!).  I may have ran a marathon earlier this year, but I am starting from absolute scratch on this one.  Day 1 of my running will be on Thursday morning.  I am starting with some light running, just like Dr. Salamon told me to.  5 minute intervals at a slow pace just to get things going.  

I'm doing all of this to get things geared up for the Triple Crown Training Team starting in January.  No, this isn't just another shameless plug for me team (starting January 14, informational meeting January 7, more information found on Facebook).  The type of training we will be doing with that is very similar to what I'll be doing over the next month just to get back into shape.  High intensity interval training is the key to success with the Triple Crown.  I was challenged today why this type of training was better than long slow distance training.  Going against the grain regarding fitness training often ruffles the feathers of those that have always done what everyone else is doing (see CrossFit).  I guarantee that with HIIT training, you will be the most prepared you have ever been for these races.  If you want any information regarding interval training, shoot me an email and I'd love to get you going.  There are a ton of resources on the internet, just do a simple Google search and you will see.   

Most of all, you are training for a challenging course of events.  Make the most of it and have fun.  I know I will!

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