Wednesday, November 9, 2011

36 reasons to forever be an athlete

Today, November 9, was my 36th birthday.  I celebrated it with my arm in a sling from a rotator cuff surgery performed almost 3 weeks ago.  I'm not exactly the happiest person in the world right now but I know it's a means to an end.  I know that I will be good as new in no time as long as I rest it, let it heal, and do my PT exercises as rx'd.  Last year for my 35th birthday I did 5 rounds of 35 burpees and 35 kb swings with a 2 pood kb.  I was pretty spent at the end of it.  I wanted to do the same for this year except make it 36 reps.  Obviously that can't happen so I'm going to do 5 rounds of 36 lunges each leg and 36 flutter kicks each leg.  I know, not too crazy but I'm kind of limited right now.  But I have to do something.  I will always stay true to the way I am programmed and the way all humans have been bred, active.

Sometimes we lose track of why we move, exercise, compete, or simply play.  Sure, we always remember  that we enjoy it.  But there are so many other reasons why we NEED to be this way.  That brings me to my point for today.  I'm going to list 36 reasons why everyone should forever be an athlete.

  1. The need for competition
  2. The release of endorphins
  3. Muscles are sexy
  4. Camaraderie in the gym
  5. Healthy bones
  6. Mobility is good
  7. Stability is good
  8. Age gracefully
  9. Strong heart
  10. Increase testosterone production...
  11. ...leading to increased sexual drive
  12. Lower risk of cancer
  13. Lower risk of heart disease
  14. Lower risk of diabetes
  15. Lower risk of osteoporosis
  16. It's cool to say you've run a marathon
  17. It's even cooler to say you've done an Ironman
  18. Being able to deadlift 2x my bodyweight is fun
  19. Increases confidence
  20. Increases attention to detail
  21. Increases mental strength
  22. Teaches goal setting
  23. Feeling young is good
  24. Teenagers misjudge you on the basketball court
  25. Set a good example for your own kids
  26. Increased energy
  27. Lower body fat
  28. Increases mental focus
  29. Reduces depression and anxiety
  30. Helps with insomnia
  31. Lowers blood pressure
  32. Helps control blood glucose
  33. Your strong muscles will help you move the furniture in your house
  34. Improves lung capacity
  35. Strengthens your heart
  36. You simply feel better

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