Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Triple Crown Training Team

Shameless plug time for my business, Voltage Strength & Performance.

Yes, yes, yes, I know.  It's the beginning of December this week.  The Triple Crown seems like an event that is very far away.  But that perception is wrong.  The first event for this running series is the first Saturday of March.  Two weeks after that is the 10k, and two weeks after that is the 10 miler.  So really you will need to start training sometime in January.  Now THAT isn't that far away.  That is why I am forming the Voltage Triple Crown Training Team.

Beginning on January 14, we will meet at one of three local parks; Seneca, Cherokee, or Iroquois.  This program is designed to get your in the absolute best shape possible to do your very best in the Triple Crown.  This training will go all the way through the Derby Mini Marathon at the end of April.

There are 3 options of enrollment: 
Option 1 - Meet
 every Saturday at one of the three designated parks at 9:00 for a great training session that will include interval runs, sprints, long slow distance, time trials, and of course some strength training. Cost for this option is $50.

Option 2 - You get to meet every Saturday for training PLUS you will get daily workout emails every day from the time of enrollment until the day of the Mini. Pre/post workout nutrition will also be addressed in these emails. Cost for this option is $80

Option 3 - You can receive the same daily emails that Option 2 receives but you will not participate in the Saturday runs. This is perfect for those that cannot attend the training session at 9:00 Saturday mornings. Cost for this option is $50.

I absolutely cannot wait to get started with this program.  I have already started writing the program for the weekly runs and it's looking great!  I should have that completely done in a week or so, then I will begin writing the daily program.  This will be extremely challenging to me as coach but I feel up to the challenge.  I only hope that you are too!  

If you have any questions on this program or how to get ready for the Triple Crown, please call me or email me.  I'd love to get you involved!  

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