Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm a little school girl!!!

Not really, but I'm excited like one.  I haven't been this excited in a long time.  The Louisville Performance Summit is coming together very nicely and there's a lot of talk about it so far.  Let me run down a list of the confirmed speakers for the event:

  • Brian Jones, PhD - Owner of Valhalla Grappling Academy and professor at Georgetown College.
  • Greg Fredrick - Co-Owner of Louisville Sports Performance Institute
  • Suzy Goodwin - Endurance strength coach and has run more marathons than you and I will ever run.  
  • Ami McMullen - TRX Master Trainer 
  • Ryan Brown - Co-Owner of Derby City CrossFit
  • Rob Arnold - Owner of Voltage Strength & Performance and all around great guy!
There is still one or two people I am working on that will bring a ton of knowledge with them.  I can't say who yet because I'm still working on it.  So far, Derby City CrossFit is representing hard with bringing a bunch of people and I'm stoked to see just how much they bring in all.  I'd love to have a contest to see which local facility brings in the most people.  Maybe a special reward will go out to them!

If you plan on attending this inaugural event, make sure you head over to the page and register.  As much as I want to give this away for free, I can't.  So head over there and register.  More to come about this soon!

Stay tuned for the next post on here.  I'll be discussing one of my newest passions in youth fitness.  

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