Friday, August 17, 2012


If you have read any of the previous posts, I've got quite a bit going on lately.  Between working 3 jobs, training for the Bourbon Chase, trying to organize a summit of fitness geeks from the Louisville area, and going through the sheer enjoyment of a divorce, my plate is pretty full.  Sometimes I have no idea what day of the week it is.  Seriously!  This has happened.  After today I will have worked for 143 hours in the last 12 consecutive days.  That's a lot of work but I have to do it for several different reasons.  This week I've been recruited to train for a private studio here in town and the prospect of being there seems awfully promising.  The owner said she is at about 90% capacity is far as her other trainer's schedules are concerned and she needs to bring in a couple of more.  That's where I come in.  Hopefully I too will be at 90% capacity in no time there.  The goal is to use that gig and get rid of 2 of the other jobs.  Geez, I'm tired just thinking about all of.  Oh yea, and I have the Bourbon Chase coming. 

Why do I continue to focus on my training?  Why, in all of the madness surrounding my life, do I put training for events on the front burner?  What's the point?  I should be way too tired to do anything like that.  I am, but that's beside the point.  Why do I do this? 

If you've ever listened to Eric Thomas speak, you will be amazed.  His nickname is the Hip Hop Preacher and he has a bunch of youtube videos, a website, a pretty big facebook and twitter following.  He's a motivational speaker.  I don't listen to most motivational speakers because most of them say the same crap.  Be your best, you can achieve anything, you can do it, don't let anything stand in your way, no mountain too tall.  Blah blah blah blah.  Eric Thomas is different because he's a little in your face and makes you face facts.  One of his more recent talks was with the Miami Dolphins football team.  These are professional athletes that are adored by millions, and make millions of dollars a year.  What could Eric Thomas say to them to get them motivated?  His message was simply, "What is your why?"  Why do you do what you do?  Why put yourself on the line every day?  Why?  When you can answer that question, you will motivate yourself.  You won't need a speaker to do it for you.  So what he did was very smart, he put the motivation back on to the athletes themselves.  Rather than him being a cheerleader, he made them think.  Made me think too! 

Why do I train?  I'm not an elite athlete.  I never was.  I have a ton of personal stuff going on that could get in my way.  Why do I do it?  Why push myself when I run dog hill at Cherokee Park?  I discovered my "why" recently.  I always thought is was simply because I can and because I should.  I was right, but for the wrong reasons.  I recently watched the Olympics along with half of the world.  I LOVE track and field at the Olympics.  LOVE IT!  This year had a guy from South Africa running the 400 meter dash.  No big deal.  There are a bunch of people in that event.  Only thing about this guy was, he had no legs.  Oscar Pistorius ran with some orthopedic legs.  And you know what, he did really well.  Watching him compete was amazing.  His "why" was because everyone told him he can't.  He proved that he could.  He proved it to millions of people.  He faces his "why" every single day.  And kicks it in the face with his orthopedic leg.  Training for him is his identity and he will never let anyone take his identity. 

So why do I train?  Because if I don't, I'm going to become someone I'm not.  I'm going to become a different person that people won't recognize, that I won't recognize.  Training is my identity and it is who am.  Why?  Because I refuse to let someone tell me I can't or that I need to slow down.  Why?  Because I want to be a good example of living a healthy lifestyle to my children.  Why?  Because every single day I speak to individuals that give in to the pressures of life and accept high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, type II diabetes as normal.  Why?  Because sometimes my training is the only thing my life I know how to control.  These are my "why's"  What's yours?  Look deep inside and try to figure it out.  You may be surprised that the answer you get is not the one you were expecting.

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