Sunday, March 20, 2011

12 miles plus 3

There are a few times in my life I have felt invincible.  When I ran the 80 yard touchdown in high school football, when I first deadlifted 400 lbs, when I hit an inside the park grand slam in baseball, when I ran my first half marathon.  Yesterday, for a short amount of time, I felt that invincibility again.  The feeling lasted from about 3 miles to 12 miles.  I felt like Forest Gump and I could just run and run and run.  A funny thing happened about mile 12.  My left knee started hurting.  It's the exact same feeling I got 2 weeks ago when I went out and ran 13 miles.  That too happened at mile 12.  I'm very concerned about this issue.  So I modified my run and walked for about 5 minutes and ran 10 and repeated that until the end of the 15 miles.  I was very happy that I went a total of 15 miles but very disappointed that my knee was hurting.  I did a little rehab last night with an 12 minute ice bath, much to my wife's wonderment as to how I can possibly do so. 

Today I did my usual recovery day and went to hot tub for 15 minutes, did the foam roller for about 20 minutes, did some light yoga stretching and called it a day.  I would have ridden the bike for about 30 minutes but I had to take my son to a birthday party.  Love stuff like that (sarcasm).  Oh well, as long as he had fun. 

Tomorrow is usually a rest day but since I know I am going to rest on Tuesday, I'm thinking I might do some hills at Cherokee Park.  If I do, I'll make sure to take some ibuprofen and get the ice ready for my bath.  If you haven't experienced an ice bath during your training, I highly recommend it.  It's amazing and does wonders for rehab. 

I'm going to keep plugging it, make sure you go to and check out the results from some of the athletes on there.  It's an easy way to follow some of your buddies.  I know a few people taking part in the CrossFit Open and I'm definitely following them.  Wish I were competing with them but I am crossing something else off of my bucket list this year.

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