Friday, March 11, 2011

You have to plan for these days

Throughout the course of a training schedule, you have to account for days in which you will not be able to complete a training session or days where you might not be able to train at all.  When you plan for these days, you don't get too terribly behind on your schedule.  For me, now is one of those times.  I have been sick lately. 

I was able to get my workout in for Wednesday.  I changed things up a little bit and wore my Vibram 5 finger shoes and did 1/2 mile intervals with 2 minute rest.  That was great.  It's nice to change things up every now and then.  I then headed to work where my body started to ache.  Uh oh.  It turns out I was coming down with a pretty good fever.  Oh yeah, and just to be sure that I knew I had come down with something nasty, nausea hit me pretty good also which culminated in a trip to the bathroom at 3:00 the next morning.  Nice! 

I was hoping to get better on Thursday because that is a scheduled run day.  That didn't happen.  So now I am one day behind.  I'm still sick today and will miss a second consecutive day of work.  This stinks because I take great pride in never missing work due to sickness.  Obviously I won't be training today either.  So that gives me tomorrow.  If I can go tomorrow, I should be OK. 

Oh, by the way, registration is now open for the participation in the CrossFit Games Open.  In a nutshell, beginning next week you perform a series of workouts and get qualified for regional competitions.  You can either do the workouts at your local CrossFit affiliate or you can have them recorded and sent to the CF Games people.  I will not be participating because my marathon training is my priority this year.  I have attached a link to the Games website.  Check it out.

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