Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dear Mother Nature...again

Dear Mother Nature

I really enjoyed the last week or so when you gave me absolutely incredible weather.  Last week you allowed me to run outside for all three of my runs, one of which being my long 15 miler.  I then ran once this week outside for a slow 4 miler.  Spring has officially arrived and I thought your warm weather was here to stay.  It was great and you were very accommodating.  I want to thank you for that and it has really helped my training for this (stupid) marathon. 

Having said this, I really need to know what the heck is your problem.  It's snowing right now.  Today, for the Papa John's 10 Miler race, the high temp was about 37 degrees.  My wonderful wife ran the race and didn't think the weather was too horrible.  But you just kept allowing the temperature to drop. And now, as I am writing this letter to you, IT'S SNOWING!  Really?  You do realize that I have to run 20 miles tomorrow.  TWENTY!  That's three hours!  How can I run 3 hours, 20 miles, for the first time ever, when it's flippin' snowing!?!?  Huh?  Give me a freakin' break Mother Nature!  Oh, and tell your friend Jack Frost to back the hell off also.  I never liked his frigid rear end anyway and you can tell him that he can just keep his butt up in Canada. 

It's 5 weeks until the race Mother Nature.  I have 26.2 miles to go in 5 weeks.  I desperately need your cooperation in order to get this bucket list item checked off.  If you don't help me out, I don't know if I can make it.  In conclusion, please get your temperatures back up to at least 45 degrees and I will be fine.  Thank you, and I hope you have a better day tomorrow. 

Rob Arnold

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