Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My toe

If you have never trained for a marathon, or even half marathon, you probably will not understand the things that happen to your body as you train.  You get different kinds of aches, pains, boo-boos, and overall soreness in the joints.  I'm 35 years old and I'm finding that my knees ache a little more than they used to.   This type of training has made my feet sore (I'll get into this later), and my hamstrings extremely tight.  I'm finding that I have to perform a whole lot more mobility and stability exercises these days.  And as long as I am only running a couple miles, my recovery is great.  But once I pile on the miles as I am doing these days, my recovery is taking a little longer. 

Now onto the foot, or more specifically my middle toe on my right foot.  After my 12 miler on Sunday, the stupid toe is bruised under the nail bed.  It hurts like hell but I haven't lost my nail yet so that's good.  Those of you who have trained like this know that you are probably going to lose a couple of toe nails in the process.  What the hell am I doing this for again?  Oh yeah, to prove that I can.  Whatever.  I'm going to kick this marathon's arse! 

After a recover day (Monday), and a full rest day (Tuesday), I went out for light run today of  5 miles.  I simply wanted to get things moving after my rest and recovery days.  I maintained my full marathon pace of an 8 minute mile as I finished right at 40 minutes (thank you RunKeeper app).  Tomorrow will be an interval day of 1/2 mile, 1 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile with 5 minute rest between each run.  I've also got a gym date with my buddies Ryan and Amy.  I got them doing CrossFit WODs last year but haven't seen either much lately.  I'm thinking some KB swings, burpees, and box jumps will be in order.  CAN'T WAIT!

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