Thursday, March 3, 2011

Strength training is a must

Throughout the course of my training for this (stupid) marathon, I have forgone a lot of my strength training.  I have been pressured for time on many days and I have to ensure that I at least get my running in.  Sometimes I only have 30 minutes.  On those days, I get some hard interval training in.  But like I said, I have cut way back on my strength training even though I know that I need it bad.  Today I did some 1/2 mile intervals with 5 minute rest in between.  That only took 40 minutes and because I have a lot of time on Thursdays, I was able to get some strength training in.  Woooo Hoooo!

I have been focusing mostly on single leg/arm, mobility & stability exercises lately.  I spent 35 years with a lot of asymmetries and muscle imbalances and I need to get rid of those.  I think a lot of my nicks and bumps and musculoskeletal problems stem from these problems.  So today I did 4 rounds of 10/8/6/4 of single leg Romanian deadlifts & half-kneeling shoulder presses.  Good stuff.  I then moved on to more complex full body movements of burpee pullups and toes-to-bar.  4 rounds of 8 for those.  Good stuff.  Felt pretty good after that. 

Tomorrow will be a light cross training day of the bike and rower.  15 minutes of each should do.  Got to save the legs for the 14-15 miler on Sunday.  But I'll also get some strength training in tomorrow.  I have got to ensure that I am always getting that in.  It is absolutely imperative you do this.  If you need any tips or direction on how to incorporate this into your own training, please don't hesitate to ask. 

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