Saturday, February 26, 2011

8 weeks out

8 weeks left.  That's all I have until the marathon.  I'm starting to get that feeling that other people talk about where I don't think I'll be ready.  I have a 13 miler tomorrow.  That's half of what I need.  I spoke to a friend that has run several marathons (someone I actually solicited advice from) and she said I want my longest training run to be at 5 weeks out.  Currently I'm on schedule to have my longest training run, 23 miles, at 4 weeks from the race.  I think I'll be OK.  Tomorrow for my 13 miler I'm going to take it nice and easy and keep a 9 minute/mile pace.  Nice and easy.  If I can keep that pace and finish the whole 13 tomorrow, I will start to feel a little bit more confident about what I need to accomplish in 8 weeks. 

Today was the Anthem 5k in Louisville, it was the first leg of the Louisville Triple Crown.  The Triple Crown consists of the 5k today, a 10k in 2 weeks, and a 10 miler 2 weeks after that.  It's a pretty good running series.  I did it last year and realized the 2 week separation of each race goes by pretty quick.  My wife signed up this year and ran it today.  She has signed up for other 5k's but walked them.  This was the first one she has ever done where she ran the whole thing.  I talk about this because it solidifies the reason I am doing this blog.  She is a year younger than me and is doing something for the first time.  And she's also doing the 10k and 10 miler, both of which are first times.  The purpose of this blog is to showcase that just because you might be a little older, that's no excuse to not try new adventures.  Never would I have thought I'd run a full marathon.  Never in my wife's dreams did she think she would ever run a 10 miler.

You are never too old.  If you want to try a marathon, do it.  If you want to run a 5k, do it.  If you want to participate in the CrossFit Games, do it.  If you want to play in an adult kickball league, do it.  Stay young, stay strong, and refuse to give it.  My wife did it today.  I'll do it in 8 weeks. 

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