Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hills stink

The wonderful people that design the Derby Mini Marathon have re-routed the course and have taken the hills of Iroquois Park out of the equation.  Fortunately for me, I still get the great pleasure of doing it with the full marathon.  YES!  So I went out in 20 degree weather, slightly snowing, and ran Cherokee Park today.  I would've gone to Iroquois but it's much to far in the wrong direction from my work to my house.  I knew going into the run that I wouldn't be breaking any speed records today but I got 3.55 miles of hills in the cold at a cool 26 minutes.  Felt great (sarcasm) and I can't wait to do it tomorrow (more sarcasm). 

Enough about me.  I had the pleasure of having an email conversation with a co-worker today.  She has a goal of running a marathon in all 50 states and her next one is in Eugene, Oregon.  WOW!  Bowerman!  Prefontaine!  Are you kidding me?!?!  And she gets to finish the race at Hayward Field.  Double WOW!  Needless to say I am slightly jealous.  I might get to run through Churchill Downs but she gets to run through the Holy Land of all track and field stadiums.  Sigh...

Anyway, she gave me a few pointers about what to try during my race.  I'm going to lean heavily on her and a few other people I know that have done the 26.2.  I know it's still 11 weeks away but I'm feeling really good about my training so far.  This coming Sunday I have an 10 miler to do.  Wish me luck, I'll need it in the cold weather. 

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