Saturday, February 19, 2011

A little catch up

It's been a couple of days since the last post.  With the way my work schedule has been and the way life goes sometimes, it's not always realistic to write every day.  I have been staying active though so I haven't been a complete turd. 

Wednesday night I pulled "sprint" workout out of my bag of tricks.  I did four 1 mile sprints with a 3 minute rest between each one.  It felt really good and I thought I ran pretty good.  My average sprint was about 7 minutes.  The first one absolutely sucked because I hadn't really warmed up or anything after work.  I got out of my car, walked for about 5 minutes, and ran.  I did that one in 7:08.  I did the runs at Seneca Park which is nice because one lap around the wide open park equals about 1.25 miles.  The park has a couple of soccer fields, tennis courts, and a playground for kids.  Needless to say there are plenty of things, people, dogs, and even birds to look at while running. 

Thursday I was able to get in a strength workout along with my run.  That felt great.  I just did some single leg deadlifts, snatches, and incline dumbell press.  Oh yeah, I threw in some toes to bar also.  Felt great.  After that I replenished with some chocolate milk (gotta love Ovaltine), toast with peanut butter, and a pear.  Then it was off to Cherokee Park for the run.  Generally, one lap around Cherokee and its hills is about 2.4 miles.  I decided to challenge myself a bit more and incorporate "dog hill" into the run...4 times.   Dog hill is a really steep hill that I'm guessing is just a shade under 1/4 mile.  It absolutely sucks.  For my people from Davenport, it's a little shorter than Brady Street hill but steeper and in dirt and grass.  All in all, I covered about 5 miles in 43 minutes.  I was happy with that because of the repetitive hills I had. 

Friday I decided my legs were tired and didn't run.  I knew I had a volleyball game in the evening so I would still get something in.  Lazy?  Maybe.  But I decided to listen to the body for once.  We lost the volleyball game but I had a lot of spring in my step and my serve was on point so I felt pretty good about my play.  My girl Katie came and played with us and she definitely provided a bit of a spark.  But as I said, we still lost so that sucks.  I think next week we will be Ok and get in the win column because we are very close to coming together as a team. 

One final note, I want to give a shout out to my nephew Brandon.  This week he was diagnosed with diabetes and he is in his early 20's.  Very Jay Cutler like.  Diabetes is no joke and it's something to take very seriously but through the texts I've had with him so far, his attitude is incredible.  It would be very easy to feel sorry for yourself and be mad but he is simply saying it's just a new lifestyle he'll have to figure out.  My wife and I are going to do everything we can to help educate him on his new lifestyle and what he needs to look out for from now on.  Big love goes out to him and his great attitude so far. 

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