Monday, February 14, 2011

Speed intervals and protein

I've had a productive last couple of days of training. 

On Sunday, I had all of the intentions in the world of going 10 miles.  That was going to be my first day of getting into the double digit miles and would be well on my way.  I even went to Iroquois Park and incorporated the hills.  Great run, right?  Well, I didn't quite get the full 10 miles.  I finished at 7 but only because I ran a point to point from my car to the park and back.  I easily had enough in me to do a couple of more miles but I stopped at my car.  It felt great physically.  I was slightly disappointed with my distance but felt great.  I guess I could've gone faster too, I finished at an 8:25 mile.  My goal is 8:00 mile. Hmmmm, maybe yesterday's training wasn't as productive as I would've like. 

Today I got up at the butt crack of before dawn (0430 AM) and headed to the gym for some intervals.  Today I went for 10 rounds of 1 minute sprints, 2 minute active rest.  Now THAT felt great.  That was exactly what I planned on doing and I finished.  It was pretty good and got my ATP-CP and glycolytic systems fired up pretty good.  Tomorrow I have a much deserved rest day.  I am going to do absolutely nothing. 

Regarding my diet, I've been pretty clean lately.  No, I haven't gone full paleo, that's probably never going to happen.  But today was full of pork tenderloin, taco meat, peanut butter, (red bull, oops), grass fed hamburgers (mmmmmmmmmmmm), corn, and last but definitely not least sweet potato with bacon.  Oh yes, I also had eggs, hash browns, and bacon for breakfast.  Lots of protein, moderate fat, and low carbs.  I feel full of energy and I think it will fully help with my recovery day tomorrow.  I'm excited for this rest day if you haven't been able to tell. 

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