Thursday, February 10, 2011


As part of my job, I help people every day achieve their wellness goals.  That's right, I said wellness.  This encompasses  fitness, nutrition, combination of both, stress management, smoking cessation, or helping them manage blood glucose, cholesterol, or blood pressure.  When I got into the exercise field, this is not the population I wanted to work with.  I really wanted to work with athletes.  High performance individuals that were extremely motivated and ready to eat kettlebells if that's what I told them to do.  But that's not what I got.  Most of the people I have trained and educated are of the population that has very little motivation.  Some of them none at all.  It's for many reasons (excuses).  The most common reason is that they don't have the time, but I also get cost, family commitments, underestimation of how unhealthy they really are, or any combination of these reasons.  These people motivate me in my own health and fitness.  My only wish is that I can motivate them as much as they motivate me.  After I talk to these people all day long, I can't wait to get to the gym.  I don't ever want to life a life where I have a triglyceride count of 300, a blood pressure of 150/100, a BMI of 35, or the mere thought of performing strength training makes me want to take a nap.  I can't wait to hit the gym tomorrow.  I can't wait to eat clean tomorrow.  I can't wait to run my marathon.  I can't wait to find something else to participate in. 

Motivation is something we all need.  What is your motivation?  Do you exercise to show your kids how important it is?  Do you want to buck the trend of genetics in your family and get out of that pre-disease state?  Do you want to impress the opposite sex?  Or do you simply want to you use your body for what God intended and make it work as hard as it can?  Whatever your reason is, be proud of yourself and let your drive and motivation never die.  Be strong and never let yourself quite. 

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