Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's volleyball season

This week I was asked to play on an indoor volleyball team by some coworkers of my wife.  Since I am in the mindset of never giving up on my youth, and I CLAIM to be a great volleyball player, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. 

It's a coed league which means a girl has to hit it at at least once before going over the net.  Not a problem.  The two girls that played with us turned out to be not to bad and I was pretty happy with that.  Plus, I got another friend of mine from grad school coming next week and that'll help out a lot.  The match itself didn't quite go as planned.  We lost all three games.  I started very slow in the first game.  My timing was not there, and it never really got there, and I'm not the highest jumper in the world so setting me to spike isn't necessarily the best idea.  But I got warmed up and started really playing well in the second game.  Then the third game came around and I stunk again.  I hadn't played volleyball in a long time and I forgot how much timing is involved in pretty much everything.  Timing, anticipation, angles.  It's not just hit the ball over the net.  I knew that.  But my timing was just way off.  The strength of my game is really my serve.  I've taken a lot of pride in having a really good serve.  Unfortunately, that too was a little inconsistent.  I finished the first game with a 9 point streak and was really starting to feel good.  Then we switched sides, and I switched to an uncoordinated goofball.  I hit a few the rest of the time but the consistency just wasn't there. 

Overall, I'm pretty upset about the performance I had this week but I see what needs worked on and I will definitely work on that this next week.  The guys I play with are fairly good and I think we have a lot of potential.  We all just need some consistency, and a little bit better communication and teamwork.  But that's expected when you bring 5 or 6 people who've never played together.  I feel pretty confident about our next game.  And I feel really good about me getting my timing back and becoming the Karch Kiraly of this league! 

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