Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear Mother Nature

Why?  I'm talking to you Mother Nature.  Why?  Last week when I was supposed to run 10 miles I was forced to do it inside on a treadmill because you decided to have it rain.  So I sucked it up and ran inside and realized how much it stunk to do it.  But I did it. 

Now let's fast forward 1 week.  I'm supposed to run twelve (12!) miles today.  I had it scheduled for around 2:00 (or 1400 for my military peeps).  What did you decide to start doing at about 1:50 (1350)?  You rain.  And you didn't just rain, you thundered and threw out lightning.  Thanks.  No really, thanks.  Because of you I get to take full advantage of my gym membership and run 12 FREAKIN MILES ON A TREADMILL!  Ugh.  With the help of Las Vegas Jailhouse on the CardioTheater, I made it.  For some reason, watching drunken idiots getting arrested makes the run that much easier.  But I did it and I finished in at 1:43:00.  I wasn't trying for speed at all, just wanted to finish the run. 

So Mother Nature,  could y ou do me a favor and NOT RAIN next Sunday?  Please?  I have 15 miles next Sunday and I am really stoked about it because it will be the longest I have ever run.  So all I ask is that you not rain.  I don't even care about the temperature.  Just don't freakin rain! Thank you. 

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  1. It was 88, humid, and muggy here today in Austin. It wouldn't have been much fun to run 12 miles in that either!